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Big Game, Bigger Food Debate

Spicy wings or mild? Ranch or bleu cheese? Carrots or celery? With game-day food, the possibilities are endless. No matter how you take your wings, Grubhub has your back for the ultimate football party. 

Get ready for the big game this year and throw the perfect party with Grubhub. Hosting an entire football team? Grubhub caters. You can even preorder your menu, so when the day comes, you can keep your focus to the TV.

Check out the top-ordered Big Game foods and start planning your menu, today.  

Cheese Pizza: 624% more popular on game day   

A football favorite because it’s a classic, cheese pizza is an instant hit. Whether you’re a picky eater or will try anything once, there’s nothing like a good ol’ cheese pull. 

Boneless Wings: 615% more popular on game day    

We hear you. Bones can get tricky. Why not make things easier, and order boneless wings. Feeling fancy? Eat them with a fork and knife, you dignified connoisseur, you. 

Garlic Knots: 603% more popular on game day    

Chewy pizza dough and savory garlic make the perfect football snack. Not only are they ball shaped, you can dip them in whatever sauce you want. Pesto, anyone?

Jalapeno Poppers: 597% more popular on game day     

These spicy, cheese-filled, deep fried… Wait where was I? Jalapeno poppers are a party hit for a reason. Don’t forget to add this crowd-pleaser to your cart.  

Hawaiian Pizza : 554% more popular on game day   

Get weird, put pineapple on a pizza. Start a fight on Twitter about it — just don’t forget to tag us! 

Two people who have strong opinions on game day eats? Running back Sony Michele and quarterback Josh Allen. Watch them take on the Great Wing Debate. Note: Josh Allen did not consume any ranch in the filming of this video.

Methodology: these items rose in popularity on February 3, 2019 as compared to other Sundays that month.

Ready to start your Big Game menu?