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5 Of The Most Common Kitchen Fails

There’s no doubt that even if you’re the greatest chef in the world, you’ve have a kitchen fail or two (some of us more like a kitchen fail or ten). From overcooking to realizing you didn’t buy half as much spinach as you needed to feed your dinner party, don’t worry. There’s an app for that — it’s called Grubhub.

So you overcooked your chicken?

It’s coming out of the oven and you realize, it said baked for 25 minutes, not 55. Next time, opt for a rotisserie chicken or a chicken alfredo pasta dish for delivery. You can pull it out of the bag and plate it so your guests won’t even know you had a cooking snafu. 

So you burned your cake because you forgot to set a timer?

No one likes a burnt chocolate cake. Luckily, we have a handful of bakeries on deck ready to serve up a cake, cupcakes, cookies and more — and we swear they won’t be burned. Worried that it needs to be homemade? It is — just not by you. (See what we did there?). 

So the smoke alarm is going off?

Tried to smoke your own rack of ribs and failed? Have no fear. We got you. Open up the Grubhub appand order something to replace your failed efforts. 

So you didn't buy enough for your party?

This is a major role that we play in party planners’ lives. When you run out, you just order more. Easy as that. Sides, appetizers, and especially desserts — they’re just a click away. 

So you added too much spice?

Woah! That is WAY TOO SPICY. When a teaspoon of cayenne accidentally turns into a tablespoon, you can turn to delivery. From curry to spicy chorizo, the choices of delivery dishes that bring the heat are endless. Try IndianMexican or Thai to kick up the spice factor.

Feeling like this hit a little too close to home? It’s ok. We’ve got you.