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Essential Guide to Ordering Delivery on a Budget

A college student stretching a dollar for the semester. A couple who just got back from an over-the-top honeymoon. Parents trying to feed an entire soccer team. Sometimes, you just need to be economical. That’s why we’re here serving up some hacks for ordering delivery on a budget.

Delicious delivery doesn’t need to break the bank. Check out these 5 tips to keep it thrifty while ordering on Grubhub.

Carbs are your BFF

Sides like potatoes, rice and quinoa can easily serve as a base layer to fill you up. Bonus: they can also be repurposed the next day with a new veggie or protein, creating an entirely different meal.

Switch it to pick up

Order from a local joint that’s within walking distance — you’ll save yourself the delivery fee and tip. Alternatively, you can skip the gym and order from a restaurant that might be a bit farther away — anyone for a light jog? Saving money and staying healthy. A fine combo.

Get the lunch special

Maybe you order delivery for dinner more often than lunch. Here’s why you should change that: plenty of restaurants offer affordable lunch specials that come with various sides, drinks and maybe even a dessert. With a hearty lunch (that might even last you two days), you’ll less likely be starving at dinner time.

Use Venmo to split group meals

You might often order with your roommate or friend and tell them “just get me next time.” Instead of waiting until 2020 for that $20, you can split the meal right at checkout. Not footing the bill will help keep your budget from going off the rails.

Keep an eye out for coupons

From time to time, restaurants will give diners a promo code to try them out. Maybe it’s because the restaurant is new to Grubhub or you’ve simply never ordered from there before, it’s always nice to see a few dollars come off your total at the end. Insider tip: sometimes we’ll even feature promo codes on our social media channels (like Instagram and Twitter). Just sayin’.