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Does Cream Cheese Belong on Sushi?

We’ve all heard of the Philadelphia Roll… or have we? Well, it’s when you take some salmon (often smoked) and avocado, then nestle a chunk of cream cheese in there too. Wrap it all up in rice and seaweed, and you have your Philadelphia Roll.

To some…this sounds like a sweet dream. To others, a total nightmare. Naturally, we had to get in on the chatter with our fave opinionated bunny below.

And what did the people have to say about it?...

There were some polite disagreements. Like this...

And also this…

OK, some were a little more blunt.

Then we had some peeps on our side. (Phew)

And of course, a very diplomatic response thrown in the mix.

As always… the results of our social food experiment were a toss up. So, go forth and eat your sushi, friends–with or without cream cheese!