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DK’s Donuts and Bakery’s Community-Driven Approach

Owner Mayly Tao opens up about putting her community first during the COVID-19 crisis.

DK’s Donuts and Bakery was founded in 1980 by Cambodian refugees Lee and Kong Tao and the family has been delighting its Santa Monica community with their delicious confections 24-hours a day ever since. Current owner Mayly Tao, daughter of Lee and Kong, has since stepped in to grow the business and help it adapt to the changing needs of its customers. Tao, who is commonly known as the Donut Princess, expanded the menu to 120 different kinds of specialty and traditional donuts, including the Texas-sized donuts that have made the shop famous. They are also known to brighten spirits by delivering custom donut letters and donut bouquets across Los Angeles.

Like other businesses, DK’s Donuts and Bakery was forced to make a number of adjustments when COVID-19 restrictions were implemented across the country. “On the business side, we lost our accounts from all this,” shared Tao. “We catered to nine different churches, six cafes, and all these big offices. Luckily, we have Grubhub to always be there to support us by providing a safe and delicious way to get our product in front of customers throughout the day.”


Having been on Grubhub for the past 5 years, the bakery was ready to ramp up its delivery orders, but Tao knew there were additional pivots they could make to help their neighbors. “I ended up curating a secret menu of sandwiches so that people could get sandwiches delivered in their own home,” she explained. “I also created a new initiative called Lunchboxes for Love. We are gathering donations and are making fresh donuts, gourmet sandwiches and coffee and delivering them to local hospitals all around LA.” 


Craving donuts? You’re not alone. During the quarantine months, donuts were the fifth most ordered food item when compared to orders last year.* That’s a whole lot of donuts! If you’re in Santa Monica, check out DK’s Donuts and Bakery. Hunkering down elsewhere? Check out dessert delivery near you

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*Methodology: Grubhub took a look at both order trends and search trends on its platform in the respective categories from March 18 – June 18, 2020, compared to the same timespan in 2019 to find the top items in popularity.