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This Barbecue Chain Will Make You Feel Like You’re In Texas Even If You’re Not

Dickey's is essentially your one stop shop for authentic barbecue, just about everywhere in the US. Their menu is designed to give you everything you want and more — a mouthwatering display of sides, a sample of every kind of meat cut, options like tacos and smoke stacks or just good ‘ol plain barbecue favorites. While there are many different barbecue pits across the country fighting to be the best, Dickey's does a great job of offering up a wide variety of authentic barbecue favorites. These are some of our top picks from the menu.

As a barbecue favorite, pulled pork sliders are a great way to get the smokey taste of barbecue while still enjoying a sandwich-style meal. We’d say that their sliders are great for parties, gameday spreads, or a family dinner. Loaded with BBQ sauce, pickles and onions, it’s flavor for days.

We’re gonna cut right to the chase — sometimes we order barbecue just for the sides. Dickey’s literally has them all: mac n cheese, pickles, baked beans, potato salad; you name it, they got it. And these sides aren’t just afterthoughts, they’re made with the same precision and barbecue-pit authenticity as the meat. Bottom line is: don’t sleep on the sides. Plus, they deliver well.

When you’re scrolling through menus looking to get something delivered and you’re craving tacos AND barbecue, look no further. These butcher tacos are a fusion taco that is filled with barbecue meats straight from the pit. While this isn’t quite Tex-Mex, and it surely isn’t Mexican, it’s a fusion cuisine we can 100% get behind — the BBQ Taco. I mean just look at the cheddar cheese… mmm.

Allow us to introduce you to this beauty. Dickey’s serves up some incredible smoke stacks, which you can essentially think of as BBQ nachos. But they’re so much more than that. This is a platter of Fritos chips, topped with baked beans, cheese and burnt ends. Yeah — we know, it’s other wordly. Get it delivered ASAP.

We refuse to choose a favorite when it comes to the sandwich situation. From burnt ends to pulled pork to brisket, the sandwiches are killer. Order a single or make it a party with their larger sandwich platters. We’ll let that dripping BBQ sauce speak for itself.

When in BBQ doubt — order the full barbecue spread. There’ll be sides, meat, drinks, rolls, veggies and so much more. And there will literally be something for everyone (yes, EVEN vegetarians believe it or not). Imagine this cornucopia of food getting delivered to your door. Is there anything better? Answer is nope.

Looking for BBQ? Look no further than Dickey's.

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