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Introducing Delivery X – Food Delivery Without Limits

First we had drivers, then riders, and now we’re expanding our delivery services to include an even faster way for you to get your food.

Meet Delivery X, a team of self-directing parkour athletes, professional level skateboarders and BMX riders who who are hitting the ground running with your order in April, 2017. Geared up with X-Navigation Technology, DX Partners are equipped to defy standard routes and roadways to get your food to you faster than ever before.

Road Free Delivery

Hungry during rush hour? No problem. DX Partners are professionally conditioned to clear any obstacle in their way from cars to buildings, and everything in between.

Cutting Edge Delivery Navigation Technology

X-Navigation technology uses geo mapping to create both visual and audio cues as to what obstacles are coming up in the direction that DX Partners are traveling in. This allows our team to create completely new routes that are dependent on the physical landscape instead of roads and traffic.

DX Partners who prefer to stay off roadways, and create their own routes, use X-Navigation eye contacts that apply augmented reality through virtual retinal display to show upcoming barriers, and suggest possible directional pivots for more efficient deliveries.

Sidewalk and sideroad traveling DX Partners access this technology through earpieces that give turn-by-turn directions, and provide live traffic and congestion updates, so they can avoid any condition that slows them down.

Starting today, Grubhub’s DX team is guaranteeing faster food delivery from a person that you can trust to handle your order. Keep an eye out, and maybe even up for Delivery X in your neighborhood.

Our Delivery X team is geared up, and ready to start delivering your orders. Keep an eye out, and maybe even up for Delivery X in your neighborhood.

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