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Eat Like Your Championship Team

These college towns tend to be known for their sports, but what keeps the campus fed year round? Celebrate the College Basketball Championship with some of the competing team’s signature dishes.

Cheese Curds in Madison, WI

Wisconsin knows how to show up and play to win every Spring, and while cheese may be a staple in Wisconsin, Madison knows how to serve them up in a winning way – in curd form. Order some right here.

The Hot Brown in Lexington, KY

Kentucky basketball is one of the most respected teams in history, but what keeps the team so hot? Mostly likely it’s a Hot Brown: a broiled open-faced turkey and bacon sandwich that’s topped with Mornay sauce, with shredded cheese folded in. That is most definitely worth winning for. Order a Hot Brown on Grubhub.

The Coney Dog in Ann Arbor, MI

Michigan may be a master of many college sports, but it’s also known for one other thing: The Coney Dog. This hot dog topped with chili, mustard, and onions is the perfect meal to compliment the tournament. Order a coney dog near you.

The French Dip in Los Angeles, CA

LA is famous for everything from its residents to its traffic jams. Lucky for UCLA, their famous for something far more delicious: The French Dip. Many surrounding restaurants have adopted their own signature take, but no matter how you slice it, this dip is a dunk. Order a French Dip sandwich near you.


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