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Chicken Dishes You Should Order Based on Your Zodiac Sign

Sad news: National Chicken Month is almost over! Yes, you read that right. The month dedicated to the most tender, and sometimes extra crispy, meat is coming to an end.

To celebrate this glorious month, we’re revealing what chicken dishes you should be biting into—based on your zodiac sign.

Aries: We heard you never back down from a challenge, so we dare you to order the spiciest chicken curry out there. You can handle it with yo’ fearless self.

Taurus: Like your spirit animal, the bull, you like your surroundings to be calm and peaceful. So grab a warm chicken pot pie and find the perfect place on your couch to zen out.

Gemini: With all your hobbies, happy hours and career goals, you stay busy. But don’t forget to eat or you might crash and burn. Order a chicken burrito and keep it movin’. It’s the perfect on-the-go dish.

Cancer: You lil’ homebody…cozy is your mood 24/7. That’s why soothing chicken noodle soup is calling your name.

Leo: There’s nothing wrong with celebrating yourself every now and then all the time. Invite your family and friends over, bring out a whole oven-roasted chicken, and have a feast in your honor. If that won’t get ‘em talking, then we don’t know what will.

Virgo: As you know, perfection waits for no one and requires a ton of hard work. Unwind and treat yo’ self to chicken enchiladas—because you deserve it.

Libra: Your low-key obsession with everything symmetrical never seems to fail. So no matter where you are, you’ll feel right at home with a buffalo chicken pizza right next to you.

Scorpio: You always think several steps ahead, so you knew that Popeyes’ chicken sandwich would be sold out ASAP. That’s how we already know you have a spot in mind to get your chicken sandwich fix anytime you need it—like today.

Sagittarius: Feed your travel-seeking soul by digging into chicken parm. It’s an easy way to show your taste buds all the deliciousness Italy has to offer.

Capricorn: You’ve been too focused on this n’ that and your crew misses you. Invite them over, order tons of chicken tinga tacos and show them you care.

Aquarius: Take a break from fighting for the people and bite into the finger-food that all the people love: chicken fingers.

Pisces: Stay sweet and order orange chicken. It’s tender and glazed in all the right places.

The stars have aligned and they’re saying “eat chicken today!”