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Can You Trust Restaurant Reviews?

It used to be that everyone just had an opinion. Now everyone has a platform, too. Knowing how much you can trust a ratings and reviews section can be tricky, but at Grubhub, we believe that ratings and reviews should work for you, so you can always find a meal that hits the spot. Bottom line, we’re dedicated to making our Ratings and Reviews feature functional and trustworthy. Here are some pro-tips for making the most out of your search for the perfect bite.

Filter your search by price range, distance from your address, and quality. Pro-tip: Compare the star rankings to the number of reviews a restaurant has received — if a restaurant has five stars with over a thousand reviews logged, there’s a good chance it’s pretty tasty!

Research shows there are 3 things that matter most to people on an order. 1: The food is good. 2: The delivery is on time. 3: The order is accurate. Well, we’ve put that info right up front. Hover over the star rating on any restaurant and see the percentages of how well they do in these areas.

If you’re reading a review that raves about a dynamite Dynamite Roll, guess what? You can go ahead and add that menu item to your bag — right from the review! No need to back peddle through to create the perfect order — in a few clicks it’ll be in your basket and on its way.

The most important element of our Ratings and Reviews feature is you. Leave a review after your next meal, because the more people contribute, the better everyone will eat. As opposed to other reviews sites, each review is written by people just like you, looking for an awesome meal.

Now that you’re up to speed on how ratings and reviews work, find a meal you’ll want to rave about today.

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