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Caliente Classics: Our Top-Ordered Mexican Dishes of Fall

National Taco Day is around the corner and our excitement level is off the charts. Not only is it a chance to celebrate the queen of all Mexican dishes, but it’s also a reason to devour some other classic favorites.

To help you throw the best fiesta ever, here are some of our top-ordered Mexican foods of fall.

Fun fact: Tostada is Spanish for toasted. Which makes total sense, seeing as how the corn tortilla that all the ingredients are piled on top of is toasted to perfection.

Shoutout to you busy folks for making this one popular. You eat it with one hand, so you can carry your ready-to-drizzle hot sauce in the other.

Sure, there’s a dedicated taco holiday coming up…but, TBH tacos are great on any day that ends in y.

Everything is better fried. That’s why empanadas are second to none. If your taste buds could talk, they’d say “Where the empanadas at?”

To eat them solo or pair them with another classic dish? The answer is always yes. And if you’re not into dipping, throw the salsa on top, add all the toppings, then presto! You have nachos.

Time to get this fiesta started.