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Bring Oktoberfest to You With These Traditional German Foods

Go on, reach under your bed and dust off those lederhosen -- suspenders look good on you. With Oktoberfest kicking off on September 22, pretzels and beer are probably on a lot of people’s minds. You’ll definitely find these at the festival -- which runs through October 7 -- along with a host of German specialties.

Since a plane ticket to this annual event can often break the bank...why not bring Oktoberfest to you? Here are some of our favorite German foods that you can order right to your door. (And don’t forget to BYOB: a pilsner, kölsch or hefeweizen will pair nicely with any of our selections.)

Weisswurst, currywurst and bratwurst are traditional, delicious German sausages. Cut them with a fork and knife or eat them like a hot dog: pop ‘em in a bun and top ‘em with sauerkraut and spicy mustard.

Of course these made the list. We might often eat these at baseball games or on a city street corner…but this doughy, salty, handheld snack was indeed created by our German friends. With simply a sprinkling of salt on top, rip these and dip them in sweet or spicy mustard for an extra burst of flavor.

Think: tiny, doughy dumplings tossed with butter. Just in case you were wondering…yes, cheese späetzle is a thing and is essentially the German version of mac & cheese.

Known in Germany as hendl, you’ll see row upon row of chickens roasting at Oktoberfest. Eat this solo or add some accoutrements — like kartoffelsalat (potato salad) or rotkohl (red cabbage) — on the side.

As it starts to get chilly outside, this hearty German dish is worth a try. Akin to a pot roast, the meat is marinated for multiple days with a variety of seasonings, water and vinegar. You might see dumplings (knödel or our friend späetzle) alongside the roast as well.