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Around the Table: Hanukkah

December is a month where we gather with friends and families to celebrate the holidays. If there’s one thing this month’s holidays all have in common…it’s delicious food. Every culture has its quintessential dishesas well as traditionsto commemorate each special occasion.

We asked Grubhub employees to tell us about their favorite holiday traditions…whether they’ve been taking place since childhood or just started last year amongst friends.

This week, we’re taking a look at how our employees celebrate Hanukkah with their loved ones.

First, let’s take a look at some of the traditional Hanukkah foods our employees love…

Sufganiyot: Think of a deep fried doughnut that’s filled with a raspberry or strawberry jelly/jam. Sometimes sufganiyot is also filled with a light custard. These doughnuts are then topped with a light layer of powdered sugar.

Brisket: Brisket (a cut of beef) can be prepared many ways, but the brisket typically eaten on Hanukkah is generously seasoned and oven roasted with a variety of vegetables (like onions, carrots and celery).

Latkes: Typically made from a potato and onion mix (featuring matzo meal or flour and garlic seasoning), latkessometimes known as potato pancakesare then deep fried. Applesauce and sour cream are common dipping sauces that accompany the dish.

And let’s find out more about their holiday traditions….

Isabel, Senior Associate on the Restaurant Marketing Team:

Growing up in Los Angeles, we would travel to New York every holiday season to visit family for Hanukkah. On the first night, my family would gather at my aunt’s house, where she would prepare homemade latkes and applesauce. We spent the night lighting the menorah, trading gifts, snacking on gelt (chocolate coins), and playing dreidel. The tradition is something the entire family looks forward to.

David, Data Scientist on Grubhub’s Research Science Team:

Hanukkah was very special to me growing up because it meant coming together as a family every night for eight nights to light the menorah, eat latkes and jelly doughnuts (known as sufganiyot), play games, and open presents. Even our dog and cat gathered around when we were ready to light the menorah. Every member of my family had his/her own menorah. Through age nine, mine was a blue clay menorah that I had made at school. I always found it the most exciting when the 8th night came and all the candles were lit.

Rachel, Art Director on Grubhub’s Creative Team:

My family always gathers at my grandmother’s house (usually on the first Saturday of Hanukkah). After sundown, we all gather around to light the menorah together. We play our own version of the white elephant gift swap game, named Hanukkah Harry after the SNL character. Throughout the night, we nosh on a ton of different foods, including brisket , homemade latkes and jelly doughnuts. I always look forward to spending Hanukkah with my family all under one roof.

Are you now craving latkes, brisket or even jelly doughnuts?