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7 Ways Grubhub Will Keep Your Friendsgiving from Going Up in Flames

Friendsgiving is the greatest thing since the discovery of fire. Your closest friends, their dates and that person from work you kinda know fill your place with good vibes and belly laughs. You all sip on cheap wine, devour all the food and make some of the best memories. But unfortunately, there’s something holding you back from having all that fun—the planning. Here are seven ways Grubhub can help with that. 

1. You can keep more money in your wallet.

Spending money on a bunch of food is great. Saving money on a bunch of food is better. Use Perks in the Grubhub app to get exclusive deals. 

2. You can handle dietary restrictions like a pro.

When Annie suddenly decides she’s vegan and Trent thinks that eating gluten is the reason he doesn’t have a boyfriend, find dishes that’ll make everyone happy by filtering your restaurant choices through the search bar. 

3. There’s no chance of bumping into your ex at the store. 

You know that guy you ghosted after one date? Yeah, running into him is an awkward moment you don’t want to have. Get delivery and save yourself. 

4. You can split the bill with Venmo.

Just because you’re planning Friendsgiving doesn’t mean you have to pay for it all. Use Venmo to split the cost with your guests, including the one friend who never seems to have cash or card on hand.

5. You can preorder. 

Ordering in advance frees you up to handle more important things like Friendsgiving decor. Scatter the fake pumpkins, set the centerpiece and don’t step into the kitchen.

6. You can spend more time creating a playlist.

There’s one thing that can make or break an entire evening—the music. Whether it’s classical, hip hop or pirate metal, the playlist you create can help put everyone in a good mood. Awkward silence is the #1 killer of good times.

7. You don’t have to taste gross food.

This year, you don’t have to eat Mike’s mac and cheese that’s made with his special secret sauce. Save everyone by ditching the potluck and getting your feast catered with Grubhub.

Here’s how to order your Friendsgiving feast like a pro. 

Ready to use the Grubhub app for Friendsgiving?