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These Dishes Will Make You Feel Like You’re on Vacation Right Now

With only a few weeks left of summer, you won’t need to scramble and buy a last-minute plane ticket to go on a picturesque vacation.

These five authentic dishes will transport you to destinations around the globe. Envision yourself gazing at the neon lights of Khao San Road in Bangkok, snapping photos of Gothic architecture along the cobblestone streets of Montréal or sailing the azure waters of the Aegean Sea as your captain drops anchor in Mykonos.

Let us take you around the world with these dishes that you can order and #EatLikeYoureThere.

Linguine with Clams

Linguine con vongole (yep, that means ‘with clams’ in Italian), is unlike many traditional Italian pasta dishes. Tangy marinara and heavy cream-based sauces are substituted for a bright and light mix of olive oil and dry white wine. Paired with chunks of garlic and parsley, this fresh dish embraces the clam’s natural juices. Mi scusi, are we on the Amalfi Coast right now?



Fries, cheese curds, gravy, mic drop. While this hearty snack’s story begins in 1950s Québec, it feels like it’s been a lifetime of salty, saucy, squeaky goodness. Akin to nachos, poutine can be dressed up with accoutrements ranging from shredded beef to foie gras. Dear neighbors up north, #merciforpoutine.


We’ve always just assumed this was a gift from the Mount Olympus. Gyro — pronounced yeer-oh — is a classic Greek staple. (Rhymes with hero…coincidence? Doubt it.) Greeks take perfectly charred spit-roasted meat, slices of fresh onion and tomato, garlicky tzatziki sauce and neatly bundle everything up in warm pita bread. A perfectly portable meal that can be taken from your front door to a perfectly set, backyard patio table.

Pad See Ew

Wide rice noodles are stir fried in a large wok along with Chinese broccoli, egg, a protein (usually chicken) and a generous amount of sauce — primarily of the soy variety. Whether you prefer a beachside hut in Ko Phi Phi or a bustling street market in Bangkok, pad see ew will take you there — even if you’re just relaxing on the couch.


Empanada quite literally translates to “wrapped in bread”…well, sign us up. Originally hailing from Galicia, Spain, the empanada has evolved (and downsized) over the years into a handheld crispy, flaky vessel typically stuffed with vegetables — like onions and peppers — and meat — usually beef or chicken. Cheese-filled and sweet variations of empanadas also exist, making the world an even more beautiful place. ¡Viva España!

Order your favorite dish now:

linguine, poutine, gyro, pad see ew or empanadas.