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Are You The Chicken Wing Or The Celery Stick

Some of us are the chicken wing — and some are the celery stick. Both very important sides of a dish, but both so different. Find out which one you are with this quiz.

Eat Like Your Championship Team

These college towns tend to be known for their sports, but what keeps the campus fed year round? Celebrate the College Basketball Championship with some of the competing team’s signature dishes. Cheese Curds in Madison, WI Wisconsin knows how to show up and play to win every Spring, and while cheese may be a staple […]

What To Order For The Biggest Game In Baseball

Some people believe in flipping hats inside out or doing the same thing before every at bat. We, on the other hand, are firm believers that the food you order on game day is your team’s good luck charm. Find out what you should be ordering for the biggest game in baseball to earn your team the ring they deserve.

Running Back Menu: Quick On Your Feet Eats

There’s no party too big to intimidate you. No matter what you’re guests are hungry for, you know how to keep everyone fueled for the fight, and here’s the foods to prove it.

Quarterback Menu: The Pilot Of The Party

Throwing a super party for the big game can be a challenge, but you never crack under the pressure. You’ve laid out the party plays way in advance, and you know how to captivate the crowd with your menu. Some of your sure to please passes include the below.

Kicker Menu: Of Course, “It’s Good”

Kick your party into high gear. You’ll get extra points for furnishing your feast with these culinary classics:

Linebacker Menu: Breakthrough With The Best Bites

The perfect party can be a lot of tackle, but you know how to keep the setting from getting sacked. The play here is foods that stick to your ribs, like these meaty meals:

What To Order If Your Fantasy League Won’t Pay Extra For Guac

While your crew is probably dishing out some serious cash to bet on their team, we all know there is that one person who is complaining about adding an extra topping to the pizza because they don’t want to pay up.

End Zone Eats for This Sunday

With football season heating up, it’s time to get serious about your game day spread. What football party pick is right for you?

The 6 Most Dunkable Foods Ever

We’ll be the first to admit we know more about meatballs than basketballs. That’s why instead of talking about people playing dirty or teams going “back to back”, we’re going to bypass the drama and cut to the chase. After much speculation, here are the six most dunkable foods on Grubhub.