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The Essential Guide to Burritos

If you’ve never ordered a burrito before–wait, sorry, we can’t even finish that sentence. HOW HAVE YOU NEVER ORDERED A BURR–ok, clearly we’re too close to this and really just need to take a moment and regroup. Phew, so let’s get back to the matter at hand: flavor-packed, hunger-quelling burritos. (Fun fact: the bean burrito was […]

Eating Mexican Food is 100% Easier Than Going To Mexico

While all of your friends are heading to villas in Cabo you could be saving a lot of time just laying outside in a bathing suit and ordering tacos from your local Mexican restaurant. If tacos aren’t your thing, we’ve got a few authentic Mexican eats you can get delivered listed below. Feast your eyes and taste buds on these Mexican favorites.

Pronunciation Guide: Mexican Cuisine

While Grubhub makes it easy to order your food without saying a word, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t know how to properly pronounce your favorite delivery order. Here are some key Mexican foods you should know how to pronounce if you’re #blessed enough to be eating them.