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You Donated the Change—Here’s How it Helped

1 in 7 children in America lives with hunger, but this is a solvable problem. Grubhub and No Kid Hungry are working together to ensure that all children get the three meals a day they need to grow up healthy, educated and strong. Thanks to the support of Grubhub users, No Kid Hungry is ending […]

Donate the Change for No Kid Hungry

At Grubhub, we strive to deliver delicious food right to your door. Food nourishes us; it keeps us going. But for many people, especially children living in poverty, access to food is hard to come by. That’s why we teamed up with No Kid Hungry to launch donate the change. Since then, our customers have […]

Thanks A Million

Grubhub diners donated $2 million to No Kid Hungry. This donation has provided up to 20 million meals tochildren in need. Watch the video below to see the impact. Donate now